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A contest was held for people to submit their theories on ANY subject.

Below are the winners:

3rd RUNNER-UP (Subject: Bio-Mechanics): Why Yawning Is Contagious: You yawn to equalize the pressure on your eardrums. This pressure change outside your eardrums unbalances other people's ear pressures, so they then yawn to even it out.

2nd RUNNER-UP (Subject:Symbolic Logic):Communist China is technologically underdeveloped because they have no alphabet and therefore cannot use acronyms to communicate technical ideas at a faster rate.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER (Subject: Newtonian Mechanics): The earth may spin faster on its axis due to deforestation. Just as a figure skater's rate of spin increases when the arms are brought in close to the body, the cutting of tall trees may cause our planet to spin dangerously fast.

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