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Family Fortunes
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These are all REAL answers given by contestants on Family Fortunes. No doubt the fluffy haired twat Les Dennis either did a shite impression of Mavis from Corrie or said "If it's there, I'll give you the money myself".

A famous Scotsman
Vinny Jones

A famous Scotsman

An item of clothing worn by the Three Musketeers
A horse

A jacket potato topping

A food that can be brown or white

A sign of the zodiac

A job a working dog does

Something with a hole in it
A window

Something people might be allergic to

A type of large cat

A type of record
Floppy disc

Something associated with pigs
The police

A non-living object with legs
A plant

A domestic animal

Something red
My cardigan

A kind of ache

[To a contestant who was a SOUP salesman
A food that can be easily eaten without chewing

Er, chips?

Something you beat
An apple

A dangerous race (i.e. a motor race)
The Arabs

A number you have to memorise

Some famous brothers
Bonnie and Clyde

Something that floats in the bath

Something in the garden that's green
The shed

Something a blind man might use
A sword

Something you wear on the beach
A deckchair

A famous cowboy
Buck Rogers

An animal you might see at a zoo
A dog

A famous bridge
The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

A part of the body beginning with the letter N

Something you put on walls

Something you do in the bathroom

A famous Royal

Something slippery
A con-man

A way of cooking fish

A form of transport you can walk around in
My foot

A method of securing your home
Put the kettle on

Something you do before going to bed

Something a cat does
Goes to the toilet

An animal beginning with the letter B

The last thing you take off before going to bed
Your feet

Something that makes you scream
A squirrel

Something you have with coffee
The Sunday Sport

A song with 'Moon' in the title
'Blue Suede Moon'

Something that flies that doesn't have an engine
A bicycle with wings

Something with a red light on it
A Dalek

Something you open other than a door
Your bowels

A reason for standing up quickly
Going to church

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